Sonic Editions is very proud to present Iconic Editions

Featuring iconic photos of the world's coolest actors, writers, poets, musicians, artists, lovers and fighters. From Bardot to Brando, Hepburn to Hemingway, Taylor to Burton, this group of icons shares one undeniable trait - they are all the very definition of cool.

All our iconic photos are hand printed and framed in solid wooden frames, numbered and certified on the reverse, and each image is limited to 495 examples worldwide. We use the same printing techniques as galleries but by cutting out the overheads, and running slight larger editions, we can offer the same quality of product for a fraction of the cost. Framed prints begin from only £89/€139/$139.

The collection is constantly evolving, so check back to see what's new, or get in contact if there's someone you'd like us to add.

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