For our most recent archive visit we went to Britain’s first commercial TV network's photo Archive in Farringdon, London.

The Archive itself is made up of the 15 regional channels that came together to form ITV, and contains over 60 million images stretching back over 60 years. ITV were the first channel to put the Beatles on TV, and with shows like The Tube and So It Goes hosted by Factory records boss Tony Wilson, they were consistently first at breaking new and exciting music in the pre MTV era. The archive holds more than just British Music icons, there were  Movie stars like Michael Caine taking viewers on a tour of the East End of London where he grew up, and Hollywood stars like Steve McQueen visiting a regional broadcaster in Norwich, as well as the legendary Johnny Cash concert in San Quentin jail in California, recorded by Granada TV. The collection we picked from our day rooting through the files is an eclectic mix of a fascinating archive.

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