The Aussie heroes were famously dubbed ‘the thunder from down under’ by Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler…

but their influence has been felt globally, since their violent burst on to scene with appropriately-named debut album ‘High Voltage’ in 1973.

Formed by guitar-playing brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, AC/DC’s impact on rock has been characterised by the siblings’ musical partnership. Malcolm forged the groove-laden backbone for unmistakable riffs like ‘T.N.T.’ and ‘Highway to Hell’, while Angus gave the band its visual identity with his devil-red Gibson SG guitar and mischievous school boy uniform.

While AC/DC’s 1975 single ‘It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ’n’ Roll)’ accepts the hardships of life in a hard rocking band, it couldn’t predict the sudden death of frontman Bon Scott in 1980.

These images are a reminder of their incredible immortal legacy.

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