AWMS is the monographic brand designed by UK-based writer and musician Anthony Madsen Sylvester. Borne out of his own insatiable quest to reimagine garments glimpsed in photos and paintings of cultural icons and to situate them in the contemporary world. Sylvester works with the finest craftspeople around the world to create wearable, collectible art.

In his own words, “It’s a real pleasure and an honour to take a deep dive into the Sonic Editions archives and pull out some of the most iconic images in menswear from the 20th Century. From philosophers to musicians, actors to anonymous stylers whose names are sadly lost to history, this gallery is dedicated to the mavericks who did things their way. From the streets of Watts to the canals of Venice and until recently, only glimpsed in books or uncredited on tumblrs and pinterest boards. Thanks to Sonic Editions, you now have the opportunity to own museum quality prints of this sterling imagery, some available for the first time here in the AWMS x Sonic Edition Collection.”

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