Known on the courts as the ‘Ice Man’ for his cool temper, Bjorn Borg caused mass mania – not only for his unorthodox two-handed backhand – but for his generous good-looks and alluring, introverted demeanour. Never mind the long blonde flowing hair…

It all started in industrial Sodertaljie near Stockholm at the age of 8 with a golden racquet that Borg’s father had won at a table tennis tournament. By the 70s Borg had quickly and modestly transformed sporting achievement by becoming an 11-time major singles champion in just seven years. By the late 70s and early 80s, he was dominating Wimbledon, winning six straight championships – and could boast one of the best winning streaks in tennis history.

However, it was Borg’s undeniably distinctive style which really captured the attention of players around the world, many trying to replicate that heavy topspin. Though none came close to the natural forte Borg brought to a match – whether it was his unbreakable focus, swift footwork or just that there was something about him.

Despite this highly efficacious run Borg stunned the tennis world by retiring at just 26. The weariness of relentless training and traveling grew with the pressures of being an idol outside of tennis itself. However, his 7-year success has ranked him among the all-time greats, so we hope you’ll enjoy this gallery which divulges some paramount moments in his career.

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