The Parisian beauty who intoxicates our hearts and minds still to this day. Far from being just a pretty face, Catherine Deneuve stands as true icon of her nation, standing for liberty and reason.

Coming from a catholic background, acting was a welcomed outlet for her creativity and talent. Following in her parent’s footsteps, she made her movie debut in 1957, still in her tender teenage years. But it was not until 1964 that she really made her mark on the industry, with the sophisticated musical Les Parapluies de Cherbourg catapulting her to stardom. Throughout her time in the spotlight, she crafted a distinctively cold yet erotic persona, earning her the nickname ‘ice maiden.’ Catherine represented a new move to female sexual empowerment, cemented in the seminal Belle De Jour.

It was her strength of character which also garnered the attentions of some of France’s most famed designer houses. Yves Saint Laurent proclaimed that she was his muse, adorning her in clothing and using her vision to inspire his classic collections. Obsession with her striking looks and hourglass figure endeared throughout her career, with Louis Vuitton working with her in 2007. She continues to carry her ice queen crown: utterly mysterious and sharply astute. Catherine continues to be the starring lady of the modern movie industry. These images are just a snapshot of her star ridden course.

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