In full he was, Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, celebrated for melting clocks and eerily long-legged elephants. Salvador Dalí, a surrealism icon, had an eye for the strikingly bizarre, weird and wonderful.

Recognised for drawing his concepts from the incongruous dream state, his innovation didn’t just end on the canvas. Dalí was also a writer, poet, critic, filmmaker, sculpturer, and photographer. The 1930s was an interesting decade for Dalí – he created some of his most iconic work, joined a group of surrealists, became embroiled in infidelity and then was kicked out of the group for his political values. His eccentricity earned him the limelight, just where he wanted to be – renowned for his costumes, being an impenitent, self-declared genius and that moustache.

Sadly, Dalí became pierced with depression and ill-health in his final years and died at the age of 84. However, almost 100 years after his most famous work was created, Dalí is still considered one of the greatest surrealist artists of all time. We hope you enjoy this gallery.

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