Elvis Presley was, and continues to be, the epitome of what an icon is…

Whether it be of the suave and charismatic charmer, portrayed in his early stardom, or of the iconic jumpsuit-clad, Vegas-era Elvis.

Aged 19, his rockabilly style was an instant hit on radio stations nationwide. His earliest work is still some of his most popular, even today, including his breakout hit, That’s All Right, followed by his first release for RCA Records, Heartbreak Hotel.

Following his service in the armed forces, Presley returned to further success with hits such as the famed ballad, Are You Lonesome Tonight?, before turning his hand, again, to acting – most notably, Viva Las Vegas and Blue Hawaii.

Elvis made a return with his comeback TV special and Las Vegas residency, creating an image of himself that remains his most prominent legacy to date. His tragic death, at the age of just 42, left a weight in the hearts of fans worldwide, but his legacy is one that will forever live on as the King of Rock and Roll.

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