Born Grace Patricia Kelly in Philadelphia, on November 12, 1929 – she lived a life that reads like a fairytale.

Rising to global stardom off of a Golden Globe worthy performance on Mogambo, Grace would go on to star in 11 films and over 60 television productions, before retiring from the silver screen to assume her stately duties as The Princess of Monaco. Born the third into a powerful family with four children, it was clear from early on that Grace was destined to be a performer. Later enrolling at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts – to her father’s chagrin – she soon found herself on magazine covers and billboards.

In 1951, Gary Cooper discovered her on the set of her first film, Fourteen Hours. He scouted her for the role of his wife in High Noon, which followed a year later. This got Grace in front the right people. A friendship with Alfred Hitchcock blossomed; and seeing in her the archetype of the Femme Fatale, he cast her in three of his creepy creations. In 1955 Grace was at the Cannes Film Festival, where she met Prince Rainier III of Monaco.They married in April, just a year later. Grace was only 26.

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