‘The Shrimp’, a surprising nickname for the highest paid supermodel of the 1960s. The name, of course, refers to the signature, wisplike figure of Jean Shrimpton who today is regarded as the face of ‘Swinging London’.

As one of the most enduring, endearing and defining faces, Jean reached the height of her renown during the optimism and hedonism of the time. It’s her we have to thank for popularising the miniskirt which she debuted at Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne causing quite a stir. Not forgetting that Jean was one of world’s first ever supermodels, her influence on the fashion world will never be forgotten.

That said, and unlike many attention hungry starlets, then and now, level-headed Jean mostly avoided the traps of stardom, having no problem separating herself from the somewhat insane world of high fashion when the time was right. In 1975, off she went to the West Country to run an antique store and, eventually, a hotel in Penzance.

She’s still there today, content in the quiet life and still apparently uninterested in trying to capitalise on her name. Such equanimity may appear astounding, but there was always far more to Jean than met the eye.

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