He’s remembered as the magnetic, cosmically mercurial frontman of The Doors. Jim Morrison: The Lizard King.

Guitarist Ray Manzarek encountered Morrison lying on his back in Venice Beach in 1965. A recognition of their chemistry and a respect for each other’s craft inspired them to form The Doors; Morrison’s dark poeticism told twisted tales of love, horror, and magic backed by the band’s psychedelic melodies and riffs. It was a combo that worked; after albums, singles, record deals, controversial talk shows and sold out performances,

The Doors were one of the most successful rock bands in the world. Soon, Morrison’s face become the embodiment of the hippie counterculture. Unfortunately his accelerating rise to superstardom took a grievous toll. He was found dead and the exact cause of death remains a mystery to this day. He was 27. Without The Lizard King to lead them, The Doors would disband soon after.

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