John Lennon, half of the Lennon and McCartney partnership that became the steam engine of pop music, far beyond his own life.

The boy from Liverpool, from a turbulent family, who met three other boys just like him; three boys that changed what it meant to be a star.

John, along with Paul, George, and Ringo, made up the fab four — The Beatles to you and me. John was the wise-cracking, harmonising, self-elected leader of arguably the most important band to grace the Earth. What truly made Lennon a treasure, just like Hendrix and Morrison — another two taken too soon — was the way he was always one step ahead of time. This is a man who divided and united. John Lennon, the man who, 30 years later, managed to capture the mind of a kid called Kurt Cobain, will forever be everyone’s favorite Beatle.

Full of energy, full of humour, and full of talent. He lead a turbulent life, filled with love and passion. After working eight days a week, showing us that, sometimes, love is just wanting to hold someone’s hand, he imagined a perfect world that his iconic wife Yoko, and his son Sean, have continued to build. It’s safe to say Lennon’s light will truly never go out.

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