Crowned the queen of pop, but a woman that embodied so much more than just her contribution to music: all hail the almighty Madonna.

Starting life in humble beginnings, Madonna took her destiny into her own hands relocating to the Big Apple. After years of back up dancing and singing, her star quality was finally pulled to the limelight – and the rest was history. Her unique voice became the soundtrack of a generation, and Madonna soon rose to become a household name, gifting us with the likes of Vogue, Like a Prayer, and Holiday. She used her influence for good – challenging ideologies surrounding gender, race, sexual freedom and expression. She made alternative narratives, mainstream thoughts, always fighting for the underserved and giving a voice that had none. She is the first true leading lady of the music industry, and today her crown remains, as she continues to share her music with the world.

The image of her beauty is one that will remind you of how far we’ve come, and the fun we had on the way.

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