Proving there was truly life after death after a distinct blue Monday, New Order was born in a phoenix-like fashion following the tragedy of Ian Curtis’ suicide and the end of Joy Division.

The band would live on in Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris, who recruited the brooding Gillian Gilbert for synths and atmospherics. An extension of Joy Division, New Order’s music remained more of an emotional experience than just plain melody. Their debut, 1981’s Movement saw their style quickly taking shape into something entirely their own. Combing guitars and electronics, dance music and new wave New Order fused a style of synthpop that continue to be emulated.

1983’s Blue Monday was far more than a hit – nothing less than the best selling 12″ single of all time. It could only have achieved this with crossover appeal – which it had in spades, winning over the indie kids and club people alike. Tensions split the band first in ’93, with various members going off to pursue side projects. They reformed again in ’98, releasing Get Ready in 2001, which saw a move to a more guitar driven sound. In 2007 New Order split yet again – thankfully reforming in 2011, releasing their tenth studio album, Music Complete, in 2015.

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