“The names Bond, James Bond.”

Moore’s success as Simon Templar gained him the credibility to serve as Bond, despite harsh comparisons with the original, Sean Connery. His approach was considerably more tongue in cheek, but every bit as amorous, and is to date the longest serving Bond. This humorous portrayal can be seen in Bond films to this day.

His charm, good looks, sophisticated air, and self deprecating humour are amongst his most notorious traits, capturing the attention of barrages of women. With four marriages under his belt including a singer, actress, and ice skater, he clearly learnt a thing or two from Bond. In 2003 he became ‘Sir Roger Moore’, recognised as having devoted the majority of his later life to charitable causes. Sadly after a short battle with cancer Roger passed away in May 2017, aged 89. He will forever remain a truly iconic Bond.

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