The Beatles were more than just four lads from Liverpool.

They were a cultural force that built a worldwide following in just a few short years, and set trends in fashion, from mop-top hairdos to moustaches.

Their debut LP, Please Please Me, followed a relentless stint of dues-paying in Hamburg, as well as Liverpool’s Cavern Club, and captured their raw talent perfectly. It also established the Lennon-McCartney songwriting partnership, which provided a wealth of material over the following years, including such gems as A Hard Day’s Night, Penny Lane, and Yesterday.While other Sixties stars were packing arenas, The Beatles confined themselves to the studio, where they were ably assisted by George Martin in producing a string of masterpieces. From the folk explorations of Rubber Soul, through the psychedelic experimentation’s of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, to the “Spectorised” lushness of Let It Be, their creative drive was seemingly unstoppable.

Having packed more into one decade than many other bands would be able to manage in ten, The Beatles split up in 1970. They had travelled a long and winding road: a road that Paul and Ringo continue to walk today, albeit on solo paths – and, sadly, without John and George.

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