Tina Turner once proclaimed What You Get Is What You See; it wasn’t long before the world knew how true that was.

Starting out in 1958 with Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm, Tina began recording under the alias of ‘Little Ann’. However, a personal and professional break up with Ike years later meant it was some time before Tina took centre stage again.

With a comeback in 1984 in the form of her much awaited first solo album, Private Dancer, Tina smashed expectations winning 4 Grammys and selling over 20 million copies worldwide. After years of absolute chart domination, Tina took to the silver screen. She played the Acid Queen in The Who’s Tommy and starred beside Mel Gibson in the post apocalyptic Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome, playing the ruthless Aunty Entity, complete with platinum bleached hair, and impressively deadly weaponry.

In 2008 Tina announced what was effectively her retirement. Now living quietly in Switzerland, Tina left behind an immeasurable mark on music and the entertainment industry. The world won’t forget ‘The Queen Of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ anytime soon.

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