Year In Review: 2021

Sonic Editions 2021 Year In Review

The year is nearly over, so what better time to take a look back through some of the highlights for Sonic Editions in 2021?

It was an eventful year to say the least, with many new photographers added to the archive, as well as some already established galleries and photographers being refreshed with new content. Our garage grew with the arrival of excellent car photographers Huseyin Erturk and Marco Annunziata at the start of the year and while most of us were unable to physically get abroad in 2021, our travel photography collection can now transport you to all 4 corners of the world.

Music definitely did not take a backseat this year either with 90s artists and Hip Hop royalty now available to purchase courtesy of Phil Knott and our images of iconic Hollywood has never been more varied after the Northcliffe Archive was added to the site.

These are just a few of the many examples of new content for this year but we also launched our wall curation service, helping you create a wall of beautiful photography tailored and personalised just for you. Our bespoke printing service has been very successful in 2021 as well, with some jaw dropping images printed and framed to fill the biggest of spaces on your walls.

Read on to see more of what we were up to throughout 2021.

New photographers

Have a browse through our new photographers for the year. There’s so much content here featuring leading faces in music and film from countless decades, as well as exceptional travel photography taking you all around the world.

Marco Annunziata gallery
Brian Aris gallery
Jonna Bruinsma gallery
Jeff Davy gallery
Stefan De Batselier gallery
Huseyin Erturk gallery
David Gahr gallery
Clara Hranek gallery
Phil Knott gallery
Raf Maes gallery
Francesco Mellina gallery
Denis O'Regan gallery
Nicolas Quiniou gallery
Chris Wallace gallery

Highlights of the year

In 2021 we have celebrated many artists and their talents through our ‘artists of the month’ section.
From the likes of Bob Dylan, Beastie boys, James Bond and more! With each month, we have highlighted some amazing shots capturing the essence and story of these artists, who fit perfectly in the Sonic Editions growing gallery.

Ray Charles
January To kick start the year, we presented an influx of new fresh photographs for you to enjoy, from Life magazine. This photography included artists such as, Georgia O’Keefe, Ray Charles, and Muhammad Ali just to name a few. The new additions gallery is a great way to keep up to date the stunning new content we get out hands on!
February Happy valentine’s day with Sonic Editions – for the month of love, we curated a collection oozing with romance featuring photographs of some iconic couples through the decades. A sure way to show the one you love how much you care!
March International Women’s Day – Sonic Editions dedicated this month to highlighting some of the leading female figures over the decades, making their mark and legacy in their respective industries. The gallery included powerful imagery of singers, authors, artists and more, sure to inspire!
April In honour of the Nobel prize awarded to Bob Dylan, we have dived into his work as one of the most influential singer song- writers of the 20th century. Bringing photographs to the forefront that translated his artistry and talent.
May For those looking to get away, we highlighted our beautiful collection from the YOLO Journal. This collection is home to photography capturing memorising locations all over the globe including, Greece, Africa, Italy and more. New photographers and images were added, including the likes of Clara Hranek, Ryan Neven, Costas Spathis and Daria Reina.
June Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe! – An actress that embodies classic Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe has inspired many with her journey and triumphs over hardship, on her rise to stardom. Sonic editions houses prints spanning over the different stages in her career. A fabulous way to honour the late star and add glamour to your walls.
July Amy Winehouse – August sadly marked the passing of this British icon. She is loved all over the world and her music integrates many genres, from jazz, soul and blues, telling stories that are raw, true and relate to so many. Our Amy Winehouse collection has prints that communicate her playfulness, talent, and live performances.
August Happy birthday day Beastie boys’ MCA! – This month we celebrated Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch’s birthday by looking through the groups career and influence in the music industry, fusing rock and hip hop to form something new and exciting to the world. Our Beastie boys’ prints showcase their retro style and energy which give a nostalgic feel.
Beastie Boys
September Fashion week – September kick started fashion week worldwide from New York to Milan, so it was only right to highlight our stylish fashion collection and celebrate the world of couture. This collection houses giants such as Yves saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Givenchy, Kate moss and more.
October James Bond – To celebrate the release of the latest Bond movie ‘No time to die’, we highlighted our James Bond collection with the iconic, British spy being depicted by Sean Connery and Roger Moore. We have prints of the actors on set and in action with all the suave and style one would expect from the likes of James Bond.
November November was the month dedicated to the anniversary of the passing of Freddie Mercury. Freddie Mercury had an incredible talent, stage presence and story to tell. We have a collection of images that capture the true impact of the iconic singer and the phenomenal band that is Queen.
December Merry Christmas – this month we curated wonderful gift guides for the festive season, for your loved ones. For those that belong to any tribe, whether that be music lovers, stargazers, sports fans and more! We gathered ideas of the perfect gift for that special someone.

Staff Picks

Over the past year we have had an influx of new photographers, so we have collated a gallery showcasing some of our personal favourites from new additions over the past year.

Sonic Editions 2021 staff picks
Sonic Editions 2021 staff picks

Gift Guides

Buying gifts at this time of year can be stressful, but with our dedicated galleries finding the perfect Christmas gift became a lot easier. We had all sorts of ideas for anyone struggling to find the right gift for that special someone, including the sports fans, music lovers, those film fanatics and more. We covered it all.

Gifts for him
Gifts for film fanatics
Gifts for her
Gifts for car lovers
Gifts for music lovers
Gifts for travellers
Gifts for stargazers
Gifts for sports fans
Gifts to inspire

We love seeing our prints hanging on your walls, whether they be bespoke or small. Make sure to tag us in any images you post to social media so we can see just how well they fit in your homes!
A HUGE thanks to all of you, our lovely customers!
The next year will bring more variety to the site and we have some plans cooking that are really exciting, so make sure to stick with us for 2022!