Bespoke Requests

Bespoke Size Prints

Bespoke sized prints are available to order on request. These are prints which are specifically produced for you in your desired dimensions beyond our 4 standard size models. It is possible to see examples of these oversized prints here or on the Instagram page of German influencer Lena Terlutter who we have collaborated with in the past.

The most commonly ordered sizes range between 130cm and 180cm (for U.S. orders please get in touch with us) in height (or longer edge if landscape). Lena’s prints all fit between this range as well.

Each bespoke is specially printed and the frames are handmade. We do not offer a mount on these prints, but usually provide a 10cm white border on each side between the image and the frame.

Please provide us with the following information to

  • The image(s) wanted
  • The size of the print(s) desired
  • The delivery address
  • Whether you would like it framed or not
  • Which colour frame, if applicable

Most images are available when ordering bespoke prints, but please contact us to verify if the image you have in mind is available. We aim to get you a personal quote quickly and will happily answer any questions you might have in regard to the products. Click here to get in touch.

Print Only Requests

It is also possible to order your prints, regardless of size, as a print only with or without a mount. This works best for our customers who would like their prints to be framed locally, match ones already existing on their walls or for those in far to reach locations from our LA and London production sites.

Click here to get in touch.

Wall Curation Service

We also offer a wall curation service. If you require any help when deciding to buy multiple prints, we can help you pick out the best and most suited images to match your taste and projects. Feel free to reach out to us about any of the services listed above and we would be more than happy to help.

For any assistance required with the mentioned services products, click here to get in touch..
Please note there is no refund available on bespoke prints as they are made to order.