Lost Souls Forever, Leicestershire’s Kasabian have always evaded clear definition. Taking their name from Charles Manson’s getaway driver, and crashing onto the music scene in 2004 – Kasabian was once known as Saracuse and recorded their first album whilst living in the seclusion of a remote farmhouse near Oakham.

Formed in 1997, the guys gave their first live performance at the Vipers Rugby Club for Chris’s 18th. They cut their first demo CD on Christmas Eve, 1998. Do we think that Tom, Serge, Christopher and Chris could have foreseen Kasabian headlining Glastonbury, 16 years later? Maybe. It took a few years, but Kasabian’s special brew of darkened electronica/post-indie-rock fusion found a niche in the post Brit-Pop musical landscape.

They got their first proper airtime from XFM’s Eddy Temple Morris – who quite liked the sound of Processed Beats, and thought the rest of us would too. The guys finally made a dent in the UK Singles Chart with the nihilistic, unrelenting rhythm of their third single release; Club Foot. Success and world tours followed, in 2014 they released 48:13 (named after the length of the album), which went on to be their fourth consecutive #1. Becoming a proper stadium band, with a stadium hit as well, “Fire”, the band released “For Crying Out Loud”, their sixth studio album in 2017, followed by a tour of arenas and festivals.

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