With a potent alchemy of experimental genres and vivid live shows, Pink Floyd’s reputation is lurid and complicated. Progressive and psychedelic, the Floyd have cemented themselves as some rock history’s greatest inventors.

With love, sex and psychedelic drugs in the air, Pink Floyd formed in a smoky college tearoom in London 1965. Originally lead by Syd Barrett,whose unique aptitude for psych-rock spearheaded their early material. In 1973, Dark Side of the Moon is released. The album is revered as an instant classic, and the Pink’s eclectic impact on audio-visual culture was revolutionary. Their iconic LP covers are still prolific to millions around the world, as much storytelling as performance. As their fame grew, so did tensions between Pink. The release of The Final Cut in 1983 marking the end of the band. Yet, 24 years later Gilmour, Wright, Mason, and Waters put aside their differences and performed once more in 2005.

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