Performing from the very beginning: first as a ballerina, then model, and then, as the icon she became, an actress.

Best known for her film roles in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady, Hepburn’s first breakout movie role was in the 1953 film, Roman Holiday. Having begun her career on the West End stage, she later performed on Broadway and is one of the few people, to this day, to have won an Academy Award, Emmy, a Tony, and a Grammy Award.

Not only an idol for aspiring actresses, Hepburn was a notable fashion icon and her influence stretched far beyond her lifetime. In her later life, Hepburn was a dedicated ambassador for UNICEF, working in Africa, Asia, and South America, for which she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom just a month before she died in 1993. Few have achieved such iconic status, reflected across so many facets of the arts. Still considered one of the greatest actresses and fashion icons of our time, Audrey Hepburn’s image is as momentous as the name itself.

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