Ask anyone to name the most iconic cities of the world, and London will always make the list — most likely as the number one choice…

It is a city overflowing with history, culture oozing out of every pore, and a skyline as recognisable as its name.

Depicted in literature, from Shakespeare to Dickens, it has not only been a muse for such legends, it is the living and breathing home of hundreds of notable historical figures. The subject of art, in all its forms, it is the home and breeding ground of fresh talent as much today as ever.  A political hub, a must-see travel destination, a unique experience around every corner.

Celebrity figures have been drawn to London from time immemorial. A central figure in the Punk  and Rock ‘n’ Roll music scenes of the ‘70s, a powerhouse of political movement, the home of the British monarchy, these stunning images depict London in its many varied forms. Showcasing the icons that have called this city home, to the events that have shaped the face of this great metropolis, and the locations where history has been made, glimpse a freeze-frame in time through the eyes of the people who were there to see it.

Whether you are a part of the unique London tapestry, or simply revere the great city as the cultural and historical hub that it is, nowhere is it more perfectly captured than in these fine limited editions photographs.

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