Everything he touched turned to gold. With work output that seemed super-human, Prince was a force of nature.

Blessed with the energy of Little Richard, the moves of James Brown and the virtuosity of Jimi Hendrix, there were no bounds to his talent. From his forceful 1978 debut, Prince was the chameleon of the music world, seamlessly intertwining genres with an intoxicating effect. 1979’s Prince showed that he could master disco, while Dirty Mind a year later was hardwired to shock: sex and funk set against an otherworldly New Wave backdrop. From 1999 through to Lovesexy, if any artist ever had the Midas touch, it was Prince in the early to mid-eighties.

His influence spanned far beyond his music, demonstrating his ability to totally handle production to an unprecedented level — Purple Rain being a classic case in point. He shaped the sounds of four decades and pushed the boundaries of cultural creativity. His very own Paisley Park production studio allowed him to create what he wanted on his time frame. Part overtly androgynous showman and part intensely private artist, his presence is missed, but his profound effect on our music and culture lives on.

He will forever be our Prince.

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