Morrissey, Marr, Rourke, and Joyce made for a truly powerful line up. A quartet quite unlike any other:

Stephen Morrissey writing the lyrics to inspire a generation, Johnny Marr providing innovative melodies, Andy Rourke laying down funk-infused bass lines, and Mike Joyce with his thundering drum beats.

The band’s legacy of their anti-establishment rhetoric still has impact today: lead singer Morrissey’s outspoken disdain for the likes of the meat trade, the royal family, and Margaret Thatcher, has cemented his mark in popular culture. It wasn’t until the late ‘80s, after the band parted ways, that The Smiths’ music made an impact on the American continent — almost like a fading star — where their legacy has been kept fresh by their North and South American audience.

Since their post-break-up court battle, the chance of the band reforming has, unfortunately,  been off the cards. The Smiths: their name is simple, their messages powerful, and ethos of acceptance and equality ever eternal.

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